Press releases

Repaired and re-polished a Namiki Colza Flowers from the 1980s (Size 6 M-Byte)
What Is Wabi-Sabi? (Size 59 K-Byte)
How a Pen Clip is Manufactured (Size 4 M-Byte)
Japanese irogane alloys and patination (Size 3 M-Byte)
Japanese Symbolic Animals and Plants and their Meaning (Size 23 M-Byte)
Yûraiseki (Size 2 M-Byte)
On the Career of Suiseki (Size 1 M-Byte)
Urushi Glossar - About Urushi (Size 10 M-Byte)
What to know about Urushi (Size 6 M-Byte)
Was Sie über Urushi wissen müssen (Size 5 M-Byte)
How to order your personal Manu Propria Fountain Pen and what we need to know (Size 153 K-Byte)
How to order your personal Manu Propria Fountain Pen and what we need to know (Size 189 K-Byte)
Negoro - An Essay on Negoro, compiled by Martin Pauli (Size 1 M-Byte)
Negoro - The Beauty of Medeaval Japanese Lacquerware (Size 32 M-Byte)
E-Catalogue - Negoro Collection (Size 107 M-Byte)
E-Catalogue - Kawari-Nuri Collection - the Beauty of experimental lacquer (Size 251 M-Byte)
E-Catalogue - Ishime-ji Collection - the Beauty of Stone Surfaces created with Urushi (Size 83 M-Byte)
E-Catalogue - Raden Collection - the beauty of Mother of Pearl (Size 16 M-Byte)
E-Catalogue - Kinsoku Mitateai Collection - The beauty of Metal Surfaces (Size 133 M-Byte)
E-Catalogue - Susutake Collection - the Beauty of Bamboo (Size 205 M-Byte)
Pricelist - SHIBUI & BÔ (Size 46 K-Byte)
Pricelist - MIYABI SHIBUI & BÔ (Size 46 K-Byte)
Pricelist - KISERU & MIYABI KISERU (Size 46 K-Byte)
Pricelist - TANTO/LIPSTICK (Size 46 K-Byte)
Pricelist - SUISÔ (Size 45 K-Byte)
Pricelist - MIYABI FUTÔ (Size 46 K-Byte)
Suiseki and the unique view of nature in Japan - by Martin Pauli (Size 64 M-Byte)
"One Hundred Views" The World of Angular Momentum & Manu Propria - overviews, insights and impressions on Artisan Watchmaking - (Size 14 M-Byte)
Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden in Japan (Size 192 K-Byte)
Lacquerware in Asia, today and yesterday (Size 3 M-Byte)
Burmester_Japanese_Masks_1993 (Size 1 M-Byte)
Light-induced deterioration of urushi, maki-e and nashiji decoration (Size 766 K-Byte)
Modelling the mechanical response of Japanese lacquer (urushi) to varying environmental conditions (Size 3 M-Byte)
Alteration of Asian lacquer (Size 1 M-Byte)
Conservation in South and South-East Asia (Size 11 M-Byte)
Japanese Lac -Ki-urushi - 1906 (Size 3 M-Byte)
Weisse Lacke (German) (Size 19 M-Byte)
Die Asiatische Lacktechnik (German) (Size 163 K-Byte)
Jean Dunant (Size 695 K-Byte)
History of Chinese Invention - Discovery of Lacquer (Size 250 K-Byte)
Catalogue of Japanese Lacquer 1925 (Size 14 M-Byte)
Inrō – Japanische Lackkunst der Edo-Zeit (Size 1 M-Byte)
Japan lacquer by E. Gilbertson 1894 (Size 167 K-Byte)
Japanese And Chinese Lacquers (Size 253 K-Byte)
Japanese Lacquer 1875 (Size 1 M-Byte)
Japan Lacquer 1979 (Size 13 M-Byte)
Japanischer Lack; von Dr. Wagner in Wien. (Size 119 K-Byte)
Japanning (19th Century) (Size 9 M-Byte)
Korean Lacquer (Size 841 K-Byte)
Kuroda Tatsuaki (Size 6 M-Byte)
Lacquer conquered Europe (Size 1 M-Byte)
Lan Na Lacquering Vietnam (Size 2 M-Byte)
Conserving Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage (Size 13 M-Byte)
Modelling the mechanical response of urushi lacquer subject to a change in relative humidity (Size 1 M-Byte)
Myannmar Diagnostic_Study (Size 11 M-Byte)
Bulletin of Portuguese - Japanese Studies (Size 803 K-Byte)
Real-Time Rendering of Japanese Lacquerware (Size 302 K-Byte)
An Exchange Student's research on Urushi (Size 10 M-Byte)
Chinese lacquer: Much more than Chinese lacquer (Size 375 K-Byte)
Simplified Chinese lacquer techniques and Nanban style decoration on Luso Asian objects from the late sixteenth or early seventeenth centuries (Size 4 M-Byte)
FORM & ALLUSION (Size 2 M-Byte)
observation of surface structure of urushi (Size 8 M-Byte)
Urushi-E, Urushi Painting (Size 804 K-Byte)
A technical analysis of paint media used in twentieth-century Vietnamese lacquer paintings (Size 3 M-Byte)
Does Donglang lacquer tree belong to Rhus Vernicifera species (Size 659 K-Byte)
Williams_2008_Conservation_of_Asian_Lacquer (Size 10 M-Byte)
Yakitsugi_The_Aesthetics_of_Mended_Japanese_Ceramics (Size 2 M-Byte)
Notes on History of Lacquer (Size 1 M-Byte)
Urushi (Paul Getty University) (Size 8 M-Byte)
Conservation and Techniques (Size 4 M-Byte)
About Oriental Brushes (Size 266 K-Byte)
Simultaneous Organic and Inorganic Analysis of Colored Oriental Lacquerware by Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (Size 10 M-Byte)
Beyond the basics: A systematic approach for comprehensive analysis of organic materials in Asian lacquers (Size 1 M-Byte)
Characterization of Vietnamese Lacquer Collected in Different Seasons (Size 1 M-Byte)
Enzymatic Digestion and Mass Spectroscopies of N-Linked Glycans in Lacquer Stellacyanin from Rhus vernicifera (Size 2 M-Byte)
Modification of Urushiol Derivatives by Liquid Crystal Epoxy Resin (Size 2 M-Byte)
Polymerization of Oriental Lacquer (Urushi) with Epoxidized Linseed Oil as a New Reactive Diluent (Size 1 M-Byte)
Prepolymerization of Lacquer Sap under Pure Oxygen Atmosphere and Its Effects on the Properties of Lacquer Film (Size 3 M-Byte)
Properties of Polymer-Composite Used as Fills of Asian Lacquerware: Issues on Restoration Processes of Lacquered Objects from Cultural Heritage (Size 1 M-Byte)
Simplified Chinese lacquer techniques and Nanban style decoration on Luso-Asian objects from the late sixteenth or early seventeenth centuries (Size 4 M-Byte)
Some observations on the composition of Chinese lacquer (Size 541 K-Byte)
The reproduction of realistic samples of Chinese export lacquer for research (Size 2 M-Byte)
Preparation and Characterization of Urushiol Methylene Acetal Derivatives with Various Degrees of Unsaturation in Alkyl Side Chain (Size 1 M-Byte)
Oriental Lacquer, Poison Ivy, and Drying Oils (Size 178 K-Byte)
Iconography of Absence: Negoro Lacquer and the sacred.... (Size 353 K-Byte)
Simplified Chinese Lacquer Techniques and Namban... (Size 4 M-Byte)
Alteration of Asian Lacquer... (Size 2 M-Byte)
Art of Japan - Christie's (Size 30 M-Byte)
Observation on the flaking in East Asian Lacquer (Size 223 K-Byte)
Out of Touch: on the sensorial of Japanese Lacquer (Size 99 K-Byte)
Lacquer Painting in French Vietnam (Size 8 M-Byte)
Negoro Lacquers and the sacred Geography of Their Origins (Size 353 K-Byte)
(urushi) against damage caused by subterranean termite (Size 1 M-Byte)
A preliminary examination of urushi based conservation options for the treatment of photodegraded Japanese lacquer using scanning electron microscopy (Size 5 M-Byte)
Alteration of Asian lacquer 2013 (Size 888 K-Byte)
Dialogue between Civilisations (Size 13 M-Byte)
Glossary-Encounter With Meiji Japan (Size 11 M-Byte)
Japanlack 1905 (Size 2 M-Byte)
References on Urushi Literature (Size 8 M-Byte)
Organic Chemistry-KOJI YAMAKAWA 1958 (Size 14 M-Byte)
Oriental Lacquer III (Size 1 M-Byte)
Oriental Lacquer IX (Size 1 M-Byte)
Poison Ivy Urushiol 1954 (Size 697 K-Byte)
Preperation on Urushiol from poison Ivy or poison oak Patent US3819726 (Size 460 K-Byte)
Study of a Naturally Drying Lacquer (Size 382 K-Byte)
The Poisoned Weed, Plants Toxic to Skin {Donald G. Crosby} [9780195155488] (Oxford University Press, USA - 2004) (Size 2 M-Byte)
Azo Dyes: Preparation Via Environmentally Benign Way (Size 644 K-Byte)
Cleaning Degraded East Asian Lacquer McSharry-CH-2009-PhD-Thesis (Size 13 M-Byte)
Effects of Curing on the Mechanical Properties . 1 of Japanese Lacquer Film (Size 181 K-Byte)
HeterogeneityoftheType3copperinJapanese-lacquer-tree biochem - j00364-0255 (Size 449 K-Byte)
Improved Measurements of the Physical Properties of OrientalLacquers Using Atomic Force Microscopy and a Nanoindenter (Size 3 M-Byte)
Man-made urushi Preparation of crosslinked polymeric films from renewable resources via air-oxidation processes (Size 923 K-Byte)
Natural Polymer- Oriental Lacquer (Size 17 M-Byte)
Oxidation and Cross-Linking in the Curing of Air-Drying Artists’OilPaints - acsapm.0c01441 (Size 1 M-Byte)
Polymerization mechanism of natural lacquer sap with special phase structure (Size 2 M-Byte)
Properties of Polymer-Composite Used as Fills of AsianLacquerware 729132.pdf (Size 1 M-Byte)
The Effects of Adding Different HALS on the CuringProcess polymers-12-00990-v2 (Size 3 M-Byte)
Williams_2008_Conservation_of_Asian_Lacquer (Size 10 M-Byte)
Life Aesthetics in Japanese Civil Lacquerware (Size 3 M-Byte)
Nelson 2008_Article_What is this Plant and why is this Japanese eating it (Size 89 K-Byte)
A technical analysis of paint media used in twentieth century Vietnamese lacquer paintings (Size 3 M-Byte)
Antifungal Activity of Urushiol Components in the Sap of Korean Lacquer Tree (Rhus vernicifera Stokes) (Size 172 K-Byte)
Black Lacquered Papier m ch and Turned Wooden Furniture Unravelling the Art History Technology and Chemistry of the 19th Century Japanning Industry (Size 3 M-Byte)
Imitating aventurine- an eighteenth-century technique of lacquer imitation Bainbridge_LR (Size 437 K-Byte)
Polymerized Urushiol of the Commercially Available Rhus Product in Korea (Size 435 K-Byte)
Preliminary Investigations into Thermochromatic Changes in Asian Lacquer (Size 1 M-Byte)
The Lacquerware of Japan (Size 45 K-Byte)
The Preperation of Japanese Lacquer (Size 501 K-Byte)
The Taste for Japanese Lacquer in Eighteenth-Century China and France (Size 663 K-Byte)
Yoryu Kannon (Yûraiseki) (Size 42 M-Byte)
The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America (Size 44 M-Byte)