Prototype Sale - 20 Pens with "Ishime-ji" Stone Surface Lacquer

A Collection of 20 Ebonite Fountain Pens with various

Stone Surface «Ishime-Ji» Urushi Lacquers

All Pens have been made as prototypes as the first of its lacquer kind

Ishime-Ji is a textured lacquer technique which uses dry lacquer “kanshitsu-fun”, charcoal and other

Material to create a stone like texture.

In Japan‘s nature religion „Shinto“, prominent large stones are worshiped as ghosts „kami“, while gravel was used to designate sacred grounds, as seen at some ancient shrines such as the Ise Shrines or Kyoto‘s Kamigamo Shrine. Since ancient times, stones have played an important role in Japanese culture. According to the ancient Japanese mythology, the mountains and stones create the skeleton of the Earth and symbolize permanence and immutability, and the water is its blood, a symbol of flow of live and change.

Therefore, stones form also the frame of a Japanese garden. The art of the stone arrangement „sute-ishi“ at all times was considered the main element in the gardener's work. In Japan more natural forms of stones, with moss or rust, wind and water erosion marks, are considered to be more valuable. Japanese try to look for stones not only with flat, smooth and attractive surface. Abovementioned stones create the impression of stability and permanence.

Suiseki - the Art of Japanese Stone Appreciation begins with the acquisition of stones in nature and consummates in a sensation of beauty and in a spiritual connection between the collector and the stone. The stones are natural and not to be worked on or altered in anyway by human being. These stones are used for presentation in the alcove „tokonoma“ allone or in together with scrolls or „bonsai“. Stones are carefully selected considering five main elements: Shape „katachi“, Quality „shitsu“, Color „iro“, Texture „hada-ai“ and as the most important element Age „jidai“. When a stone positively meets all five elements, it is considered a „Suiseki“.

Also in lacquer art, „ishime-ji“ stone surfaces design plays an important role for creating back grounds on objects like „inrô“, „bako“, armor parts and sword scabbards „saya“.


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Prototype Sale - 20 Pens with "Ishime-ji" Stone Surface Lacquer