Manu Propria Pens - Special Atelier Offer Sept./Oct. - Limited Edition

Dear Pen Collector,

It is my pleasure to inform you about the new Special Atelier Offer for September/October.
The offer is a Limited Edition of 50 handy SHIBUI Slim pens made from Ebonite, lacquered in everlasting black "Shôen-Nuri" Urushi Lacquer mixed with Pine Carbon pigments. Additionally the pen comes with a golden Roll Stopper in the shape of an articulated Sea Shell made from Urushi Lacquer in "takamaki-e" high relief technique. Every Roll Stopper is a unique piece, different from each other

Shôen Fountain Pen with Roll Stopper
Pen Type                     Shibui Slim
Pen Finish                   Japanese Urushi Lacquer
Urushi Lacquer            Shôen-Nuri (Pine Black)
Total Length               150.00 mm
Length Barrel incl. Nib     135.00 mm
Diameter Barrel             13.00 mm
Diameter Cap            15.50 mm
Weight                 +/- 25 gr.
Ink Supply             Converter
Nib Size                 No.6
Nib Material             18 kt. Gold
Nib Width                 EF/F/M/B
Special                 Roll Stopper

Atelier Price             CHF/USD 720.-

About the Atelier Offer - Every sold pen is an Advertisement

For a manufacturer It is not the most difficult task to produce an attractive pen, but to make the name known to collectors and connoisseurs of fine writing instruments.

As a promotional measure we have launched a project called the "Special Atelier Offer"
Manu Propria Pen offers each month a special Atelier-Pen for a special Atelier Price which is 50% off the official retail price.
These Pens are exclusively made for this Special Atelier Offer and are not available in the International retail.

All Manu Propria Pens are completely hand made by Martin Pauli in the Atelier in Bern, Switzerland

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Manu Propria Pens - Special Atelier Offer Sept./Oct. - Limited Edition