Take to Urushi

It is my pleasure to introduce a new Concept Collection of Bamboo and Urushi Fountain Pens

In the past months I have developed a new collection of Fountain Pens, made from Bamboo and Urushi. All fountain pens are completely hand made in Switzerland, uniquely turned on the lathe from solid bamboo and lacquered in various "Kawarinuri" experimental Urushi Lacquers.

see detail

03/09/2019 From the Atelier - Nib Marking see detail
08/05/2018 New NEGORO Lacquer variety "Ko-Negoro" see detail
05/17/2018 A Note on History of Lcquer see detail
02/20/2018 Tenbikurome-urushi see detail
02/20/2017 Negoro - An Essay on Negoro, compiled by Martin Pauli see detail
05/01/2015 Suiseki and the unique view on Nature in Japan see detail