MINGEI Susutake Collection

The Beauty of Everyday Things

Mingei focuses on everyday objects produced by average people, as opposed to highly refined works of art produced by professional artists. It can also be understood as a response to Japan's rapid industrialization, as it elevates objects made in large quantity by ordinary people, rather than in a factory. In this way, it can also be perceived as a method of cultural and historical preservation. Every item has its own story from a certain region of Japan, and each one was threatened by obsolescence with the rise of factory production in Japan.

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04/30/2023 Aogai Migin Pocket Watch see detail
03/09/2023 New Lacquer IRO KIN - Gold Colors see detail
03/01/2023 New Lacquer - Tsuma Sentoku see detail
02/18/2023 How to Make a Pen Clip see detail
05/05/2022 Was Sie über Urushi wissen müssen see detail
05/05/2022 What to know about Urushi see detail
02/01/2022 New Product - Copper & Urushi see detail
01/01/2019 Urushi Glossary see detail
08/22/2018 ETERNAL BLACK - The Beauty of Shôen-Lacquer see detail
08/05/2018 New NEGORO Lacquer variety "Ko-Negoro" see detail
06/05/2018 New Lacquer - Birdseye Maple Lacquer see detail
05/17/2018 A Note on History of Lcquer see detail
04/15/2018 Kintsugi - Pen Repair see detail
04/09/2018 Hikoju Makie by Takashi Wakamiya see detail
02/20/2018 Tenbikurome-urushi see detail
12/14/2017 New Urushi Lacquer - Torukoseki Nuri see detail
02/20/2017 Negoro - An Essay on Negoro, compiled by Martin Pauli see detail