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For those who are interested to learn more about my work shall follow me on Facebbook and see the daily posts on working steps and new products which do not appear on the official website

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Urushi - Japan Lacquer

If you are interested in the art of Urushi you have to visit the Youtube-Channel of Maki Fushimi a Japanese Urushi artist. Below link brings you to his channel where you find a large number of very educational videos exactly showing you the different steps and processes of working with Urushi

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Urushi Supplier Japan - Watanabe Shôten

If you need urushi and related material, contact Watanabe Shôten Japan

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Urushi in Germany

Website of Heri Gahbler, Cologne, Germany.

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Urushi no Waza

Best and most complete book on urushi, available in English and

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Suiseki - the Japanese View of Nature

A book on Suiseki, the Japanese art of stone appreciation and explanation on the unique Japanese view of Nature. Written and poduced by Martin Pauli.



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The International Association of Penturners

Interesting website with forum on pen making.

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FPGeeks Forum

Forum on Pens.

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Nikko Ebonite Japan

The one and only manufacturer of Ebonite in Japan.

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Les cahiers d'Alain Truong - The notebook of Alain Truong

An archive of the most beautiful, exquisite and valuable things in the world.

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