Tame Hirame (Nashiji with transparent Final Coat)


Tame-Hirame This is a large Pocket Pen with a No.8 gold nib. It can be used with standard cardridge or as eye-dropper. The Urushi lacquer I call simplyfied "Tame-Hirame", The Correct term is "Tame-Hirame-Sakiji-Nuri". It is the term for a lacquer with a very tight sprinkled Nashiji, lacquered with transparent urushi, gound and polished. Tame refers to several final coats of transparent urushi that gives the nashiji a dark red color tone.

Standard Size
Reference Number: T-100x17-THN
Pen Type                 Tanto/Lipstick
Pen Nib:                  Size No. 6 (750/18 Kt Gold)
Artisan:                   Martin Pauli