Raden Sentoku Kazari


Kinsoku Mitateai is the Term for Urushi Lacquer imitating metal surfaces."Kazari" Showpiece Fountain Pen.This is a "kazari" decorated Eye-Dropper I made for a coming exhibition in France with a "Raden Sentoku" sparkling Abalone and Brass Urushi Lacquer. The "kazari" decorative element is the large roll stopper in the shape of a sea snail. The articulated snail is completely built up in high-relief "takamaki-e" with urushi, kokusô and brass powder. The making of the roll stopper took twice the time to make the pen.
Standard Size
Reference Number: S-160x18/21-KRSN
Pen Type                 Suisô
Pen Nib:                  Size No. 8 (750/18 Kt Gold)
Artisan:                   Martin Pauli