Insei Nuri


Genshô-Nuri = celestial pattern lacquer. urushi lacquer made from circles alternatively sprinkled with powder of „tamahagane“ Japanese Iron/steel and mother of pearl. This lacquer captures the beauty of a star-studded night sky and meteorites crossing the milky way. Tamahagane - usually reserved for the finest Japanese swords, knives and blacksmithing work - just ads that extra bit of authenticity and mystique!
„Kinsoku Mitateai“ is the term for a group of urushi lacquer that imitates the surface of metal. Insei = Meteor
Standard Size
Reference Number: MK-155x21-ISN
Pen Type                 Miyabi Kiseru
Pen Nib:                  Size No. 6 (750/18 Kt Gold)
Artisan:                   Martin Pauli