Kinsoku Mitateai (Kaneyago)


Kinsoku Mitateai is the term for surfaces created to look like black metal     Kinsoku-Mitateai is the term for urushi lacquer techniques used to imitate respectively to create surfaces of any kind of metal. „Tetsu-Nuri“ = Iron Lacquer would be the term for the lacquer technique used on this pen.

Kaneyago, the goods of iron workers. The Kanayako Shrine located in Nishi Hida of Hirose is dedicated to two main gods! Kanayama Hiko, a god, and Kanayama Hime, a goddess who protect workers involved in Tatara iron-making! “Kanayako” means, those workers.

During the iron-making process, if it rained, the water would sometimes cause the furnaces to explode. Such an incident would result in deaths.

In the „tetsu-nuri“ technique, fine iron powder „tetsu-fun“ is sprinkled into wet transparent lacquer. After hardening the iron is ground and polished

Standard Size
Reference Number: MF-155x20/21-KM
Pen Type:                Miyabi Futô
Pen Nib:                  Size No. 8 (750/18 Kt Gold)
Artisan:                   Martin Pauli