The concept of this pipe is, that it is convertible constructed from 3 parts Chamber, Stem and Mouth Piece. The Chamber and stem made from Briar. As for the finish I have chosen a technique used in Japan to seal wood by burning the surface, which is called "Shôsugiban" or "Yakisugi". After burning the surface of the Briar Head it was brushed with a brass brush and some thin layers of transparent "Sukurome Urushi" were applied to seal the surface. Some manipulated cracks were mended with brass butterfly inlays to give it an archaic touch.

The Pipes are completely hand crafted and lacquered in the MP Atelier in Switzerland
A Note on Urushi,Urushi lacquer is literally indestructible. The hardness of Urushi lacquer reaches Mohs 4, the hardness of Glass. Urushi Lacquer has strong antibacterial properties.Urushi lacquer is resistant against all known Acids and Alkalis.Urushi withstands heat up to 300 Degree Celsius.Only long and strong exposure to UV rays could destroy Urushi over time.