Uteki-Nuri (Raindrop Lacquer)
San = Mountain, Sui = Water, Sansui = Nature
The two words "mountain" and "water" combined form the word „Nature“. Raindrops on stone might symbolize Nature in a small scale.

Kuro Ishimeji (jet-black stone) Ishimeji is the term for „lacquer imitating stone surfaces“. Deep black stones. A generic name for black stones found in the Nachi 那智 area of Wakayama prefecture and the Kamo 鴨 River area of Kyoto. Maguro-ishi are often used for pavements.
Medium Size
Reference Number RP-175x17-UTN
Pen Type:                Miyabi Bô
Pen Nib:                  Roller Pen
Artisan:                   Martin Pauli
Price CHF:             2'200.-