Iron Koro


An original size "koro" swort guard completely made in "kanshitsu" and "kawari-nuri" urushi. It imitates a heavy iron tsuba from the Muromachi Period. Experimental piece of dry lacquer work, imitating to be an ancient cast iron cover of a koro with a design of a Hôô phoenix. The domed plate built up with paper and ki-urushi and several layers of tonoko, several layers of kuro nakanuri. The relief made with black nakanuri mixed with iron powder. Final coat of black urushi and polished. Then applied a thin coat of black urushi after which the high lights are cleaned with a special paper used for Chinkin. Then with a brush the surface is completely dusted with copper powder and the highlights are polished again with a cotton cloth to remove copper powder. As visible on the pictures, there are some orange copper powder remains that I have to pick out. The plate is 13 x 8 x 2.5 cm