Ishime-Ji-Nuri (Lacquer Overview)

In Japanese Culture, Art & Craft Stones „Ishi“ or "Seki" play an important role.

Stones are used for building houses and Bridges and important element for creating the Japanese Garden. Tools are made from stones and various stone surface designs are found on many lacquer objects like sword scabbards, inro and boxes but also on ceramic, cast iron kettles, Tsuba an many more. Stones are classified according to place of origin for example "Kamogawa-Ishi" Kamo River Stone. Further on five elements are judged to consider a stone suitable for being used for what ever reason: 1st "Katachi" shape, 2nd "Iro" color, 3rd"Hada" texture, 4th "Shitsu" quality and 5th "Hada-Ai" age.

My task is to reproduce the surfaces of Stones found in Japan with urushi lacquer combined with various pigments and powders

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